Nigel Mason

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my website and if you are reading this, you probably are curious about how I can help you to double your profits and still go home smiling.

Being a Chartered Accountant and Fellow of CPA Australia and been in senior financial roles for most of my career I have seen a lot of business owners struggle to find balance in their lives.

Many owners can grow their revenue with dedication and hard work, yet fail to grow profit with revenue. Whilst others give up precious time with family to spend in the business to achieve the growth required to hire more people so they can spend time with family. It's a vicious cycle.

Being a highly experienced General Manager and CFO with strong leadership, analytical abilities and experience in commercial and not-for-profit organisations I believe in delivering superior performance through leverage, not just time. I have a proven record of communicating critical information in a way that is understood and generates desired outcomes.

To see how we can double your profits through our unique financial system, click below for an initial chat.


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“Nigel Mason caught my attention from the moment he stepped in the office. He projected a natural leadership and progressive management style that was refreshing and encouraging. Nigel made me feel at ease, safe to discuss issues and possibilities with his highly personable and trustworthy approach.” 

— Brenton Ellis, Mechanical Design Engineer at AirEng Pty Ltd.


Over the past 10 years there has been significant changes to the way SME’s manage their financials. It is time to think differently about how you manage your finances and challenge the status quo by thinking outside the box.

Chrysalis are qualified accountants with real business experience understanding the day-to-day struggles every business face. We provide commercial financial leadership and advice to the business, through understanding and interpreting financial results and business trends; creating insights to assist in effective decision making

Chrysalis helps to plan for challenges and opportunities ensuring the business meet their key objectives. We have a proven record of communicating and educating critical information in a way that is easily understood and generates desired outcomes. This allows you to make well-informed, effective business decisions and feel confident in the management of your business. 

If necessary, we are willing to ask the probing questions, we are your own professional sounding board that provides insight from a wealth of experience


“I have worked with Nigel for close to eight years. During this time, I found him approachable and easy to work with. When he makes a commitment, he sticks with it and gets it done."

— Chris Taylor, Director of Corporate Services, HBC




What are you wanting to achieve in your business? We work with and help you in defining your dreams and aspirations for your business. 

We partner with you in developing a financially sustainable business model. This ensuring you have sufficient information and confidence to make sound business decisions. 

Should an opportunity arise, we help you to take advantage with confidence. 


Many organisations need to discover the key to a long term growth strategy in a financially sustainable manner.

We work with you to get ahead of the 90% of organisations that do not have a growth strategy.

How can you develop a strategy that is scalable resulting in greater profit and overall health of your organisation?

Chrysalis Advisors walk with you in developing a strategy that does not distract or compromise your core business. We question the status quo by looking at growth with a fresh set of eyes and experience. 



Using our unique Hierarchy of Financial Needs we provide critical financial information that are timely and accurate.

Using this data, we will explore and review your past results looking for and investigating how your business is performing. 

This allows greater insights into how we can optimise and improve your business performance


As an SME, I enganged Nigel to assist in my business effectiveness, and forward strategies. I found Nigel to be a highly experienced, personable and knowledgeable business advisor.

— Stuart Rooke, General Manager at Wirrawonga Consulting P/L




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