Nigel Mason is a Chartered Accountant and Fellow of CPA Australia and been in senior financial roles for most of his career. 

He is a highly experienced General Manager and CFO with strong leadership, analytical abilities and experience in commercial and not-for-profit organisations in delivering superior performance. He has a proven record of communicating critical information in a way that is understood and generates desired outcomes. Having strong overall business acumen leads to an understanding of the organisation’s performance, resulting in a greater depth of understanding of its underlying drivers.

Strong leadership skills as illustrated by establishing a business peer to peer leadership group for 15 businesses over 10 years ago. Also featured in the CPA’s magazine INTHEBLACK (May 2018). 

As Featured in “In The Black” - May 2018 issue: Question the status quo says this CFO

What you will learn from working closely with Nigel, is his capability to identify nuances that may not be immediately apparent; he can break down complex topics into a series of easy to manage pieces. These insights have benefited me as an individual as well as in the instances where we have collaborated for a positive outcome for a client.

— Alan FitzGerald, Founder PracticeConnections

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