• Nigel Mason

The right staff for your business is critical

The following four points are critical when you wish to maximise the output of staff:

1. Pay market rates. With all occupations, there are inherent bands or salary ranges for various roles between organisations. It is critical that the organisation pays within these bands. They don't necessarily need to be the highest payer. However, staff have to be remunerated according to market expectations.

2. Staff need to be self-directed. It is given, that high performing staff operate within a well thought through logical structure. It is critical that staff have constant feedback and input into developing the various systems and procedures within the business. On occasion it may be necessary the employer gets out of the way allowing staff to be self-directed to develop the appropriate structure. Using an old-fashioned hierarchical method, something that was seen in the 1950 s will only disengage and frustrate staff.

3. Staff are constantly wanting to grow and develop. Professionally growing both technically and in their soft skills. This may also involve leadership and management training. Talk to your staff and ask them what their short, medium and long-term career aspirations are. Based upon the business requirements and staff discussions develop a career journey map. A career journey map outlines expectations both from the employer and employee’s perspective. By clarifying upfront expectations employees will engage and be significantly higher performing within their role.

4. Organisational values. It is critical that organisations think through and develop their strategic plan including core values, mission and vision. These are not to be left in the top drawer of someone's desk that is to be lived out in the business’s everyday life. I know one large business who refuses to have their core values displayed around their office. Instead all leaders are expected to behave in accordance with the organisational values. Bad things happen when there is a disconnection between what the organisational values are and the values that are lived out through the leadership.

By getting these four principles right, you will have a much higher level of performance and enjoyment in your workforce.

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